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Service Process


Haz-Mat One® Service Process

With one toll-free call, you will receive the worry-free service you need to guarantee prompt, expert, cost-effective spill response assistance 24 hours a day—every day! The Haz-Mat One® process provides immediate access to a Response Safety Manager for incident management from the initial call through final disposal. The added bonus—the significant overhead expenses associated with maintaining a professional emergency response coordinator on staff are eliminated.

The Haz-Mat One® process features seven key ingredients:

  • Control potential losses and incident costs
  • Secure timely, responsive service
  • Lower overall environmental costs
  • Reduce employee training and equipment costs
  • Transfer risk management
  • Lessen the possibility of potential claims
  • Maintain confidentiality

Haz-Mat One® partners with you to oversee the incident management with cost containment focus, thus, freeing you to attend to other details requiring your attention. Our professionals help determine the response level needed, as well as incident management, using a 10-step process:

  1. Event log begins with receipt of the initial call
  2. Level and type of emergency is determined
  3. Your staff’s ability to handle the emergency is determined
  4. Appropriate notifications made to federal, state and local agencies
  5. Dispatch qualified contractors, as needed
  6. Oversee clean up process
  7. Contain costs
  8. Coordinate disposal
  9. Provide incident report with event log
  10. Audit contractor’s invoice for accuracy

All contractors included in the Haz-Mat One® response network must meet high service standards. Each potential response company added to the network must undergo four rigorous tests [listed below], which serves to eliminate all but the most highly qualified:

  • Service and equipment audits
  • Rate sheet review
  • Insurance review
  • Past experience review