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Key Personnel

Emergency Response Key Personnel

Haz-Mat Response, Inc. expects its employees to meet the high standards outlined in the firm’s operating principles and mission statement. As required, employees attend training seminars allowing them to maintain their certifications. In addition, Haz-Mat Response, Inc. encourages all employees to broaden their base of knowledge by attending other seminars in their areas of expertise. This dedication to training is reflected in the employees’ personnel profiles.

Troy McFarren

Vice President

Troy has more than 20 years of public safety. During that time Troy has served in the fire service and law enforcement. Troy is a Kansas Certified EMT-I-D. Troy has been with HMRI since 1997 and he became the branch manager of Great Bend in 2008 as well as Wichita in 2009. Troy has a wide variety of construction background including dirt work as well as building construction.

Training and certification includes:

  • 40 hr Confined Space
  • TTCI Tank Car Specialist
  • TEEX Freshwater Oil Spill
  • TEEX Industrial Fire Brigade
  • KBI Clandestine Drug Lab Responder
  • Kansas Fire Service Instructor
  • National Fire Academy 8hr Hazardous Material Tech
  • Kansas Firefighter I, II, III
  • National Fire Academy 8hr Chemistry of Hazardous Materials

Orlando Sanchez

Branch Manager North Platte, NE

Orlando has more than eight years experience working in various capacities within the transportation industry, including railroad operations, prior to joining Haz-Mat Response, Inc. in 2005. Additionally, Orlando has construction and excavation experience gained while working for a major construction company as a Bridge Foreman. Over the years spent working for Haz-Mat Response, Inc., Orlando has successfully managed the mitigation of numerous emergency response incidents. In 2007, Orlando completed the training to become a 40 Hour Hazwoper Instructor.

Training and certification includes:

  • 40 Hour Hazwoper
  • Nebraska Hazardous Materials Association: Pesticide Emergency Response
  • 8 Hour Confined Space
  • Nebraska Hazardous Materials Association: 20 Hours of Hazardous Materials Training
  • 40 Hour Confined Space Rescue
  • TTCI 80 Hour Hazmat Technician
  • Bell Emergency Response: Scene Size Up
  • TTCI Tank Car Specialist
  • Transcaer: Emergency Response and Hazmat Training

Matthew Morrow

Project Manager

Matthew has 13 years experience in the fire service as well as 13 years as a hazardous materials technician. Matthew served on several committees assisting in the development of the greater Kansas City area’s Metropolitan Medical Response System (MMRS).

Training and certification includes:

  • Kansas City Kansas Community College, Kansas City, Kansas A.A., Fire Science
  • Leadership I, II, & III, National Fire Academy
  • Kansas City Kansas Community College, Kansas City, Kansas A.A., Paramedic
  • Emergency Response to Terrorism: Basic Concepts, National Fire Academy
  • Firefighter I & II, KU Fire Service Training
  • NIMS 100, 200, & 700, National Fire Academy
  • Fire Apparatus Driver/Operator, KU Fire Service Training
  • MICT-Paramedic, Kansas Board of EMS
  • Fire Officer I, KU Fire Service Training
  • Clandestine Laboratory Response, K B I
  • Fire Instructor I, KU Fire Service Training
  • Telecommunicator I & II, TEEX
  • Fire Inspector I & II TEEX
  • Mobile Water Supply, TEEX
  • Haz-Mat Technician, National Certification, KU Fire Service Training
  • Fire Officer II, Indiana Department of Homeland Security
  • Chemistry of Hazardous Materials, National Fire Academy
  • Fire Instructor II & III, Indiana Department of Homeland Security
  • I. C. S. for Structural Collapse, National Fire Academy
  • TTC Tank Car Specialist

Sean Roe

Branch Manager Omaha, NE

  • Born and raised in New York
  • Started with Hazmat Response March 2012 / Omaha, NE
  • 21 years in the Fire Service / Emergency Services
  • 10 years with the New York City Fire Department (FDNY)
  • 14 years – Hazmat Technician
  • 6 years – Hazmat Instructor / FDNY – Fire Academy

HAZMAT Credentials

  • 40hr. Hazmat Technician
  • 24hr. Hazmat Incident Command
  • 24hr. WMD Hazmat Technician
  • 24hr. WMD Biological Technician
  • 40hr. WMD Radiological / Nuclear Technician
  • 80hr. FDNY Hazmat Medical Technician
  • 40hr. Advanced Tank Car School

Instructor Credentials

  • NFPA Fire Instructor Level 2
  • Department of Homeland Security Instructor
  • WMD Radiological / Nuclear Awareness Instructor


  • Firefighter 2 / National Certification
  • Fire Officer 1 / National Certification
  • 24hr. Industrial Fire Brigade

Technical Rescue

  • 8hr. Confined Space Entry
  • 40hr. Confined Space Rescue
  • Medium Structure Collapse Technician
  • Trench Collapse Technician

National Incident Management System

  • IS – 100, 200, 300, 340, 346, 400, 700 & 800

Emergency Medical Technician

  • New York State Emergency Medical Technician


  • Railroad Contractor Orientation
  • Railroad on Track Safety Program


  • OQ Supervisor Training

Josh Summers

Branch Manager Denver, CO
Josh has more than nine years in the transportation industry before transferring into emergency response in January of 2012. Josh is currently working as a Project Manager for Haz-Mat Response Inc.

Training and certification includes:

  •  Tank Car Specialist
  • 40 Hour Haz-woper
  • 40 hour confined space rescue
  • 8 hour confined space training
  • 8 Pump/foam School
  • 16 hour Incident Commander Training
  • E-rail safe badge UPRR/BNSF
  • Class A CDL All Endorsements

John Towle

Branch Manager Des Moines, IA
John Towle began his experience with Haz-Mat Response in early 2007.  Prior to becoming a Branch Manager, John’s skills were utilized as an Operator, technician, and driver.  His experience includes both remediation and emergency response clean-up of tanks, pits, ground spills, and waterway incidents.

Training and certification includes:

  • 40 Hour Hazwoper
  • 8 Hour Confined Space
  • 40 Hour Confined Space Rescue
  • E-Railsafe System Badge (BNSF, UPRR)
  • ISN Certified
  • Industrial Fire Brigade Training
  • Railroad Education
  • Tank Car Specialist
  • Haz-Mat / WMD Technician for Surface Transportation
  • Chlorine Emergency Response
  • American Association First Aid and CPR Certified.
  • Contractor orientation course.
  • Transportation Worker Identification Credential.
  • NCCER Certified:
  • Performing Pipeline Disconnection Procedures (CT 36)
  • Introduction to the Pipeline Industry (API Core)