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Vacuum Truck Service


Haz-Mat Response maintains a diverse fleet of vacuum trucks at our 4 office locations. These trucks are capable of handling liquids or solids. Our stainless steel trucks can handle caustics and acids.

Our fleet of high rail vacuum trucks can assist with switch and track cleaning maintenance, removing material without damage to the ties.

Truck Inventory:

  • 13 Liquid Vacuum Trucks, including 1 Stainless Steel Truck
  • 5 Guzzler High Rail Chair Mount Air Movers
  • 1 Hydro Excavation Truck
  • 1 Transfer Tanker
  • 2 Vacuum Tanker

Services Provided:

  • Tank Water Draw
  • Loading Rack Clean Out
  • Free Standing Product Removal From Ground or Water
  • Oil/Water Separator Cleaning
  • Cleaning of Pits and Sumps
  • Underground Storage Tank Pit Water Removal
  • Underground Storage Tank and Aboveground Storage Tank Cleaning
  • Water From Underneath In-Service Tanks
  • Emergency Spill Response Containment and Cleanup
  • Industrial Cleanout – Liquid/Heavy Sludge Removal
  • Hydro-excavation
  • Track and Switch Cleaning